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The city shed is not a fump site: If you need to dispose of something, please set it out with the garbage and you will be charged accordingly. Remember, there are yard waste stickers, applicance stickers, and tv stickers. Also, if you are interested in getting rid of appliances, you can call Snip Pesicka at 515-341-2724. 

Emergency Alerts and Notifications: Emergency Management has changed the company they use for alerts. The City of Burt will continue to use their choice of system. Some of you are still signed up to receive these messages. For some reason not everyone was transferred to the new one. Please go to smart911.com to register. The city will only be using the text and email options. You can also register via text message. Just text KossuthIA to 672-83.

Pet Owners:  It is the duty of every person owning or having custody or control of an animal to clean up, remove, or dispose of the feces deposited by such animal upon public property, park property, public right-of-way or the property of another person.

Branch & Brush Collection: Residents may place their branches at the curb and the City will pick them up once a month when weather and time allows from April through November at no charge.

Open Burning: Open burning is only for yard waste (No garbage) and is only to be done between the hours of 1:00PM – 9:00PM. Make sure your neighbors are not having a gathering outside that you smoke will interfere with. Please do not leave your fires unattended and do not let them smolder for long periods of time. 

Mosquito Spraying
Our mosquito spraying intentions will be announced on KLGA, we will send out a notification, and our street sign will be put on Walnut Street 24 hours before intending to spray. Residents wanting to be notified personally need to sign a pre-registration/no spray register at City Hall ASAP.

Mowing Requirements
Any property within the City of Burt, whether vacated or non-vacated, is required to be mowed any time the vegetation reaches a height of more than 8 inches in the month or April-October of each year, except for property used for agricultural purposes. Please help us keep our community looking good all summer. Thank you for your cooperation!