Burt Community Center


Rent & Deposit Fees                        Without Kitchen                            With Kitchen                Deposit

Entire Facility (4 hours minimum)           25.00                                               40.00                     - 0 -

East or West End (over 4 hours)             35.00                                                                           35.00

West End (over 4 hours                                                                               45.00                     45.00

Entire Facility (over 4 hours)                                                                       65.00                     65.00

Dances, Heavy Use, Entire Facility                                                             125.00                    125.00


*Deposit will be returned in no damage occurs.   (Special Rates may be granted by the Council)

The center will be inspected prior to and following each use.

Above all, it is hoped the Community Center building is respected and treated like your home.
We hope you have enjoyed the use of this fine facility and invite you to use it again.
The Community of Burt

Thanks to the Kossuth Co. Community Foundation for the grants (2012) to the City for new tables for the Community Center!

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