Burt Housing

Homes in Burt can generally be purchased at a moderate price since it is a small community.  Property taxes are also generally lower as well.  Because of this, many people who work in nearby Algona chose to live in Burt.  It is just a short ten minute drive away.

There are many vacant lots available in Burt on which to build new homes.

Tax abatement was made available in 1997 to help entice people to build new homes or make improvements to their existing homes.  Tax exemptions are available to qualified properties who have made improvements which have resulted in the increase in actual value of the property by the established minimum percentage (10%).  The tax exemptions are only available on that portion of actual valuation which is added by an improvement which was made during the time of the designation of the revitalization area.  The exemption is as follows:

                    * All qualified real estate assessed as commercial or industrial shall receive an exemption from taxation on one hundred percent (100%) of the actual value added by the improvements for a period of three years.

                    * All qualified real estate assessed as residential shall receive an exemption from taxation on the first seventy-five thousand dollars of actual value added by the improvements for a period of five years.

May 2011 - The city of Burt received notice that they have been awarded another Housing Rehabilitation Grant, Anyone that did not apply last fall and is interested now, please contact City Hall to see if you are in the targeted area and qualify under the income guidelines.

There are two apartment buildings in Burt.  Countryside Properties, LLC owns two apartment buildings in town.   One apartment building has six apartments and the other twelve apartments.  The address is 117 E Walnut.  They are located at the very east of town across the railroad tracks going out of town.  Owner is Royce Janssen who can be contacted at 515-924-3242, his Lumberyard Business in Burt or 515-341-2314.  You can also contact Jon at 515-341-6940.


In August, 2001 the Burt City Council approved an Electric appliance rebate program to entice residents to replace appliances with electric ones and to replace existing electric appliances with newer more efficient appliances.

Electric Appliance Rebate Program - Effective August 6, 2001

The following rebates will be given for new electric appliances after proper installation and purchase documentation has been made:
                              Electric Heat                                                $   7.50/kw                                                       
                              Horizontal Axis washer                                $ 75.00                                                            
                              Electric Range                                              $ 25.00
                              Electric Water Heater                                  $   1.00 / gallon
                              Marathon Water Heater                              $   2.00 / gallon
                              Central Air Conditioner (seer 13 and up)    $185.00        
                              Commercial Air Conditioner                         $285.00 / ton
                              Refrigerators/Freezers                                 $  50.00


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