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Burt has lost some businesses in past years due to declining population but they still have much to offer.  The services that cannot be provided for in the town itself, are usually found in nearby Algona or Bancroft, both of which are within a short ten minute drive.

In the town of Burt itself, you will find a local bank and insurance company, convenience store and gas station, car repair shop, cafe with a bar, three hair salons, a photography shop, an new Antique & refinishing shop, a new post office, local library, and many other small specialty shops and businesses.  Burt is also the home of two major businesses in Exceptional Opportunities, Inc. with their three facilities and StateLine Cooperative's Main Office, elevator and lumberyard.  There are many other businesses in the rural area immediately surrounding the community.

In recent years the main street of town has been updated by the demolition of many dilapidated buildings, the remodeling of other buildings and the construction of several new buildings.  There are still several empty lots available for new construction.

New Business Incentives:

In 1997 the Burt City Council approved reimbursing property owners up to $1,000 in demolition expenses for anyone who demolished old dilapidated building on Walnut Street.

In 2002 the City Council approved giving property owners $1,000 per lot for building a new business building on a vacant lot.  Electric and water utility hookups are also waived for a new building.

Tax abatement was implemented in 1997.  Tax exemptions are available to qualified properties who have made improvements which have resulted in the increase in actual value of the property by the established minimum percentage (10%).  The tax exemptions are only available on that portion of actual valuation which is added by an improvement which was made during the time of the designation of the revitalizations area.  The exemption is as follows:

                                        All qualified real estate assessed as commercial or industrial shall receive

                                        an exemption from taxation on one hundred percent (100%) of the actual

                                        value added by the improvements for a period of three (3) years.

                                        All qualified real estate assessed as residential shall receive an exemption

                                        from taxation on the first seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000) of actual

                                        value added by the improvements for a period of five (5) years.


In August 2001 the Burt City Council approved an Electric appliance rebate program.     See City Housing Page.

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