The Burt Activity Complex

The Burt City was awarded $500 grant from the
Community Foundation of NE Iowa
and $2,000 from the Palo Alto County
Gaming Development Corporation.
With these funds the City was able to purchase some
new tables and new security lights for the Complex.
City officials would like to publicly thank both
of these organizations for their generous donations.


The Indoor Complex includes:

Full Size Basketball Gymnasium

Mini - Gym with Stage

Sound System

Cable TV hook-up


Outdoor Complex includes:

Two sand volleyball courts

Baseball/Softball Fields

Playground Equipment

Two Horseshoe Pits

Basketball Court

Shelter House

Picnic Tables - Grills

Swimming Pool nearby

This complex is available for rent for birthday parties, receptions, dances, service club meetings, office parties, recreational activities and more. Contact Vicki Madsen at 515 924 3618 at City Hall or e-mail at


Rental Rates:

                            New Gym                Old Gym                Kitchen                Both Old Gym & Kitchen

1/2 Day                                             45.00                   45.00

Full Day                 125.00                     80.00                    90.00*                    160.00

2-Days                 200.00                     120.00                   135.00                    245.00

3-Days                 250.00                     160.00                   180.00                    330.00

*catered meals with limited kitchen use, per day rent is $65.00

1.    Anything over 4 hours is a full day

2.    A deposit is required equal to the rental fee.
        (Deposit is returned if facilities are left in good condition and no damages are done.)

3.    Fees are doubled for heavy use activities such as dances, wedding receptions,
            shows, auctions, etc.

4.    The new gym has ONLY full day rates and may require janitorial fees.

5.    $150.00 tarp fee for new gym

6.    $25.00 sound system set-up fee

7.    Other arrangements may be made as needed

8.    The facilities should be cleaned up and left as found.
        Janitorial fees are $25.00 per hour with a minimum of $50.00

9.    Tables & chairs from the complex may be rented out.
        $2.00 per table and $.40 per chair a $10.00 Minumium Rental Fee, an agreement form must
        be filled out.  A $100 deposit is required, which will be returned
        when everything is returned in good condition.


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